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Heat & Cool

Don't waste money on an old, outdated heating or cooling system. Instead, let the professionals from Edward R Carroll Heating & Cooling provide you with personalized heating and cooling services that will save you money.

Plumbing & Electric

Count on the experts from Edward R Carroll Heating & Cooling to provide you with efficient plumbing and electrical services. From generator installations to plumbing repairs, we'll make your plumbing or electrical needs our top priority.

Who We Are

For years, home and business owners throughout the area have turned to our contractor for superior services. At Edward R Carroll, we put your needs first and use our many years of experience in the field to customize our services to provide you with the best HVAC, plumbing, or electrical solution.



Contracts include:

  • Check Boiler Temperature and Pressure
  • Clean and re-install smoke piping
  • Inspect operation of each zone
  • Inspect internal wiring
  • Inspect all piping and circulators
  • Remove and replace oil filter
  • Remove and replace pump screen
  • Oil and grease motors and shaft bearings
  • Perform combustion test
  • Inspect systems functions
  • Replace nozzle
  • Clean air tube assembly
  • Change unit mode to appropriate operating mode
  • Check overall performance and operation of the system
  • Confidence that your equipment is being maintained by the best HVAC Mechanic in the Northeast.
  • Contract does include replacement parts to repair existing equipment.
Contact our experienced HVAC and plumbing contractor to request an estimate for our top-quality services and save big bucks.


All Equipment & Materials Are Purchased
Locally to Support the Local Community